Brokentoad - The Tribe

BrokenToad - Wonderland 

This creature is my original character from my children's book 'Aozora.' He is one of two main characters. All Aozora material is copyrighted Lauren Westwood/Lauren's world 2016. All rights reserved. 


I am now selling prints of Aozora in my webstore.

Brokentoad - Promotional Images

Prints are available of this image in A4 and A3 in my webstore.

Prints are available of this image in A4 or A3 in my webstore.

Tales of the city.

A final panel from a Tales of the city project. 

I am creating a nonsense narrative. These are the characters for it they called Floompuffs, they come from dandelion fluff.

Promotional images

Promotional images for Brokentoad based on each product available to buy. This ranges from brushes, miniature sculpts, brush cleaner, and also a range of paints. 

Coming soon!

I am currently in the process of creating my own original children's book Aozora. More Information to come! 

I will be selling prints of this image after Christmas Please message me for details. 

War Horse

The cover design and two inside illustrations for the book War Horse. 

Character design

A simple digital painting of a concept for my friends project on her photography course. She  has created a book to show the hidden worlds of bugs and fungus to show to children. This is her mascot Spidey Mcspiderton.